Hi, I'm Raphael Milczarek

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Lotto from The New York Lottery
Nissan Altima Social Campaign
Instagram campaign #lethawaiihappen
Chevy True Stories "My Dad's Car" (Concept)
Let Hawaii Happen - Oahu
Let Hawaii Happen - Maui
"staples" lotto from the new york lottery
"Wine Bath" Lotto from The New York Lottery
Smirnoff "Be There"
"Pet Whisperer" Lotto from The New York Lottery
George Lucas - Digital experience for Red Tails
Willy the Tourist
Volkswagen Golf R32
Yahoo Home Sweet Home
Yahoo Flashing LIghts
Windows 10 - Microsoft
ALL’SWELL is a non-profit organization for sick kids
Smirnoff Foam Pool
Smirnoff Woods
Chevy Matchbox Car iPhone App
Schick Quattro Shaver & Berlitz Language Learning
NY.NJ. Pepsi Super Bowl Campaign
Volkswagen EOS
Nissan Rogue
Chevy Camaro
CINEMAXX The Movie Theater
NY. NJ. Super Bowl 48.
Pattex Glue 3D
World Vision
Movie Project: "Glasshouse"
CV & Awards
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