ALL’SWELL is a non-profit organization for sick kids

It’s that certain special moment. When you hit the water with a kid who’s never surfed, who’s living with autism or cancer or something else you can’t imagine having. Then you take the first wave with that kid, and they laugh hard and hold on and beg you to go again. And it hits you that all is well with the world. 1st annual ALL’SWELL event was a huge success. Kids with cancer and autism were out in the waves with pro surfers and instructors catching their first waves ever. And at the end of the event every Kid got a surf trophy. ALL’SWELL was founded by Raphael Milczarek, a Polish German Californian who knows the healing powers of surfing. He, other amateurs and pro surfers have had their best days in the water, and they believe whole-heartedly in giving kids their best days, too. — About the non profit: ALL’SWELL is a non-profit organization in Venice, born to help and heal kids through the sport we all love. Just being in the ocean, let alone surfing its waves, has a profound healing effect on kids dealing with diseases. It motivates, brings hope and can even improve a child’s recovery. All in a day on a board. - Who was involved: The Surf Event was organized with the Venice Kids Club Surf school and benefit the UCLA Daltrey/Townshend Teen and Young Adult Cancer Program.
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